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I've really enjoyed my lessons with Richard over the last few years.

He structures the lessons around what I am interested in learning, makes suggestions on new things to learn to keep the lessons interesting and fun, and also introduces things that take me out of my comfort zone.

He's got a great understanding of different styles of music and different guitarists, so if I want to understand how a certain style works he can explain the theory and demonstrate it in practice.

- David Williams


'Fantastic' 'Absolutely Brilliant' 'Very,very
Good indeed' - Terry & Thekla - N.W.O Radio


'Highly accomplished in terms of playing and production' - Chris Korff - Sound on Sound

Richard is a superb Guitarist, highly qualified, plays to the highest standard and has excellant reading and theoretical skills'

- Enny Le Vey, Managing Director - Le Vey Studios


'You are some TERRIFIC PLAYER!!' 'Very much enjoyed your music'
- Monica Skowron - Red Bear Trading - Red Bear Plectrums - USA


'Really Great Music, Check'm out!'
- Johnny Doom - Kerrange Radio


Richard started teaching me at school when I was 10 years old and I continued to have regular lessons until I went to university. In this time Richard taught me all the skills and techniques that allowed me to achieve Rockschool grade 8.

When I left the school that Richard taught at I moved on to being taught from home instead. We went through songs which I already liked in order to learn new techniques along with focus on the grade pieces, this kept the lessons varied and enjoyable.

- Henry Stock